Sunday, May 28, 2017

How glad we may be and should be that the church doors are open again this Sunday! We may meet here to worship the King of kings and LORD of lords, as revealed to us in God’s Word and made known to in Jesus Christ the Saviour. “Thou didst for all prepare, This Gift, so great, so rare, That peoples might adore Thee; A light to show the way, To nations gone astray, And unto Israel’s glory.”  (From Psalter 450, stanza 2, based on Song of Simeon, Luke 2:28-32.)

A warm welcome to all, especially any visitors who join with us today, whether from far or near.  It is a delight to meet with one another.

This afternoon’s service will be a Preparatory sermon in view of the Lord’s Supper celebration scheduled for next Sunday, God willing.

Quotes to ponder:

“The finish line is crossed in the end, not by a burst of human energy, but by collapsing into the arms of God.” John Piper

“[In heaven], the glory and delight and love are always growing, always swelling, and always increasing as we see and learn more and more of God. Every Tuesday is better than Monday. Every Wednesday is better than Tuesday. Every Thursday is better than Wednesday. Nonstop, continuous, everlasting glory….” Rev. K. DeYoung

“When all is in danger—all our salvation and all our desire—our confidence cannot be in our faith, it must be in Christ; the cry must be to Him; the confidence alone in Him….It is not faith in our faith that will give us the victory; for our faith may be exhausted and not trustworthy, and must always break by our weight in leaning on it. But faith in Christ will never deceive…for Christ is never exhausted. In Him dwells all fullness of mercy and majesty, or pity and power.” Hugh Martin

“No preacher is at liberty to give assurance or comfort to those who do not believe in Christ. It is treason to Christ’s Word to give hope of heaven to any who have not repented and come with a broken heart to Jesus Christ.” Maurice Roberts