Thursday, Ascension Day Worship, May 25, 2017

Welcome to this special worship service commemorating and celebrating the ascension of Jesus Christ the Saviour of sinners.  Though the world thinks not of it at all, and much of the Christian church may hardly reflect on it either, yet may we again find it very blessed to focus on this additional gospel truth concerning Jesus Christ, “He ascended into heaven.” May God bless us under the Word tonight that we be taken up with the gospel fact of Jesus being “taken up” into heaven where His is the kingdom, the power, and the glory!

Quotes to reflect on:

With Jesus ascension: “[The Saviour] was promoted: He had quite literally ‘gone up in the world’. To cite J.I. Packer, ‘The Son of God was now recalled to headquarters to become managing director.’”  Derek Thomas

“The doctrine of Christ’s ascension is calculated to bring us the most comfort and to challenge us to live in the light of its truth.”  Derek Thomas

Welcome, and call to worship! by Elder Harold Slingerland

Song of praise: Psalter 302:1  

*  Silent prayer

*  Votum and Salutation (Prayer of dependence on God and greeting from God)  

Singing Psalter 58  

Scripture: Acts 9:1-31

Text: Acts 9:4-6

Confession of faith: Compendium Q&A 36-39—(p. 92)

Singing Psalter 420:4,5  

Prayer for God’s blessing


Prayer with the collection

*  Singing Psalter 124:1,2,3,4,5  

Sermon –Theme: See the Ascended Saviour in service!

Thanksgiving Prayer

Singing Psalter 183

*  Benediction from the Lord

*  Doxology: Singing Psalter 196

* Indicates Standing

Our great High Priest hath gone before

The Lord ascendeth up on high,

The Lord hath triumphed gloriously,

In power and might excelling;

The grave and hell are captive led,

Lo! He returns, our glorious Head,

To His eternal dwelling….

Our great High Priest hath gone before,

Now on His Church His grace to pour,

And still His love He giveth;

O may our hearts to Him ascend;

May all within us upward tend

To Him Who ever liveth!

Arthur T. Russell  [1806 – 1874]