Sunday, June 11, 2017

A warm welcome is extended to all meeting at church here for Christian worship. We are so thankful for all of you who have come to praise the Lord and be taught of Him by His Word and Spirit. Our hope and prayer is that you all be much blessed and enriched by the Gospel Word.  

Today, with our pastor serving in Mitchell, Ontario, following the Synod meetings in Ontario, we are privileged to have Br. Derek Baars leading the worship services here.  Br. Baars is a graduate from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary with permission to preach from within Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. The process to go through for full ordination in that federation is coming very close to its completion for Br. Derek, God willing.  The Lord bless you and make you a blessing here among us today, by His grace and Spirit we pray.

Thoughts to reflect on:

“One preacher [true story], noticing that some of his congregants were less than fully engaged with the message, suddenly began to recite some verses from the Old Testament in Hebrew. Of course, his audience became awake immediately. People stared at their minister in astonishment. He then pointed out the folly of having more interest in an unknown tongue than the truth they could understand. I t shouldn’t really take a gimmick like that to awaken us to the Word of God, should it?” Rev. Rob. Schouten

“Best of all, [for God’s people] every part of heaven will shine with the glory of God. We will be surrounded by His love and beauty. Eternity with an infinite Lover who is always showing us something new about His love for us—that doesn’t sound boring to me!” Dr. J. Beeke

“Grumbling only adds to the darkness [in this world] because it obscures the light of God’s gracious, all-controlling providence. But grumble-free, joyful, sacrificial love for others is the brightest reflection of God’s glory in the world. A passion for the supremacy of God is a passion to murmur no more.” J Piper reflecting on Philippians 2:14-15.

“Christians know better than any other people in all the world just how much they really need forgiveness, day after day after day.” G.J. Spykman