Sunday, June 10, 2018

Are you glad you can come to church today?  The psalmist delighted in Christian godly worship and if he did so even in Old Testament times, how much more might we not do so in our New Testament times?  We pray the gospel will be preached and heard most delightfully today and that it leave an impression that stays with us and is reflected in the whole coming week in all we think, say, and do! “Even so, Lord, please visit with us, in Jesus’ name, and make to rejoice to be in Your House today.”  “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” And to see why, just look up Psalm 84:11&12!

Quotes to ponder:

“Our problem is not our weakness, but our self-reliant cleverness that keeps us from relying on God.” A. Ramsey

“Sin is social: although it is first and foremost defiance of God, there is no sin that does not touch the lives of others.”  D.A. Carson

“If reading the Bible causes me to scrutinize others more than I scrutinize myself, then I am not reading the Bible correctly.”  Scott Sauls

A short story full of instruction for us:

The Devil & the Duck

There was a little boy visiting his grandparents on their farm. He was given a slingshot to play with, out in the woods. He practiced in the woods; but he could never hit the target. Getting a little discouraged, he headed back for dinner. As he was walking back he saw Grandma’s pet duck.
Just out of impulse, he let the slingshot fly, hit the duck square in the head and killed it.

He was shocked and grieved! In a panic, he hid the dead duck in the wood pile; only to see

his sister watching! Jenny had seen it all, but she said nothing.

After lunch the next day Grandma said, ‘Jenny, let’s wash the dishes’
But Jenny said, ‘Grandma, Johnny told me he wanted to help in  the kitchen.’
Then she whispered to him, ‘Remember the duck?’
So Johnny did the dishes.
Later that day, Grandpa asked if the children wanted to go fishing and Grandma said, ‘I’m sorry but I need Jenny to help make supper.’
Jenny just smiled and said, ‘well that’s all right because Johnny told me he wanted to help?
She whispered again, ‘Remember the duck?’ So, Jenny went fishing and Johnny stayed to help.
After several days of Johnny doing both his chores and Jenny’s; he finally couldn’t stand it any longer.
He came to Grandma and confessed that he had killed the duck.
Grandma knelt down, gave him a hug and said, ‘Sweetheart, I know. You see, I was standing at the window and I saw the whole thing, but because I love you, I forgave you. I was just wondering how long you would let Jenny make a slave of you.’
Thought for the day and every day thereafter:
Whatever is in your past, whatever you have done…? And the devil keeps throwing it up in your face (lying, cheating, debt, fear, bad habits, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc.)…whatever it is… You need to know that: God was standing at the window and He saw the whole thing.
He has seen your whole life… He wants you to know that in and through Christ Jesus the Saviour, with Him is forgiving grace and mercy and infinite lovingkindness and renewal too. Repenting of sin and believing on Him you find life now and forevermore!  He’s just wondering how long you will let the devil make a slave of you.
The great thing about God is that when you ask for forgiveness;
He not only forgives you, but He forgets. It is by God’s grace and mercy that we are saved.  Anon

Welcome & Pre-Service Singing:  Psalter 314:1

* Silent Prayer

AM Service – Rev. S. Dibbet

* 1. Votum and Salutation

* 2. Singing:  Psalter 170

  1. Reading of the Law
  2. Singing:  Psalter 83
  3. Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 1

   Text: 1 Peter 1:19

  1. Prayer
  2. Offering
  3. Prayer

* 9. Singing:  Psalter 134


     Theme: The Precious Blood of Christ

  1. Is Redeeming
  2. Is Atoning
  3. Is Victorious
  4. Singing:  Psalter 163
  5. Thanksgiving Prayer
  6. Singing: Psalter 280:1,4

* 14. Benediction

* 15. Doxology:  Psalter 315

* Indicates Standing

Welcome and Pre-Service Singing: Psalter 314:2

* Silent Prayer

PM Service – Rev. S. Dibbet

* 1. Votum and Salutation

* 2. Singing:  Psalter 268

  1. Scripture Reading: Genesis 5:21-6:13

   Sermon Text: Genesis 5:21-6:13

  1. Confession of Faith (Front Inside Cover of Psalter)
  2. Singing: Psalter
  3. Prayer
  4. Offering
  5. Prayer

*9. Singing:  Psalter


     Theme: “And _______ Walked with God!”

  1. By the Grace of God
  2. In Worship to God
  3. In Harmony with God
  4. Singing: Psalter 203
  5. Prayer
  6. Singing: Psalter 400:2,3,4,5,6

* 14. Benediction

* 15. Doxology: Psalter 400:1,7

* Indicates Standing