Sunday, July 22, 2018

“Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In His temple God be praise;

In the high and heavenly places, Be the sounding anthem raised.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! All that breath, Jehovah praise;

Let the voices God has given, Joyful anthems to Him raise.”

Do you come to worship so praise the Lord and exalt in Him as the above words do based on Psalm 150?

May the Triune God bless us in His House today under His blessed gospel Word! A warm welcome is extended to all visitors who join us today! We are glad to have student Mark Wagenaar lead us in the morning service. In the afternoon he will be in Lacombe FRC.  God bless you in your ongoing studies, dear Mark, in preparation for gospel ministry.

Quotes to reflect on:

“Praying for others and loving others are inseparable graces.” James and Joel Beeke


“Thoughtful prayer does not close its eyes in mere formality. Instead, it opens the soul’s eyes to a panoramic view of God’s benefits and promises recorded in Scripture.” James and Joel Beeke


“The Decalogue does not stand in need of any additions.”  G.I. Williamson


Welcome & Pre-Service Singing:  Psalter 411:1

* Silent Prayer

AM Service – Student Mark Wagenaar

* 1. Votum and Salutation

* 2. Singing:  Psalter 283:1,2,3,4,5

  1. Reading of the Law
  2. Singing:  Psalter 334:1,2,3,4 
  3. Scripture Reading: Luke 12:22-34

   Text: Luke 12:32

  1. Prayer
  2. Offering
  3. Prayer

* 9. Singing:  Psalter 351:1,2 


     Theme: “Christ’s Surprising Comfort for His Flock”

     Christ’s Surprising Audience

     Christ’s Surprising Command

     Christ’s Surprising Reasons

  1. Singing:  Psalter 55:1,2,3
  2. Thanksgiving Prayer
  3. Singing: Psalter 280:1,4

* 14. Benediction

* 15. Doxology:  Psalter 394:1,3

* Indicates Standing


Welcome and Pre-Service Singing: Psalter 411:2

* Silent Prayer

PM Service

* 1. Votum and Salutation

* 2. Singing:  Psalter 87

  1. Scripture Reading: I Samuel 23:16-20; Psalm 54;

   Luke 22:39-54a

   Sermon Text: Luke 22:43

  1. Confession of Faith (Front Inside Cover of Psalter)
  2. Singing: Psalter 150
  3. Prayer
  4. Offering
  5. Prayer

*9. Singing:  Psalter 206


     Theme: An astonishing angel visit that underlines the

     astounding gospel message!

  1. Singing: Psalter 161:3,4,5,8
  2. Prayer
  3. Singing: Psalter 79

* 14. Benediction

* 15. Doxology: Psalter 304:1,7

* Indicates Standing