Sunday, December 30, 2018

Welcome to church this last Sunday of 2018!  God has been gracious to us and let us worship Him every Lord’s Day another year. Has His gospel word become more needed by you and more precious to you too? May the Triune God also this Sunday visit with us by His Word and Spirit, and to Him be all the glory for every blessing another year under the ministry of the gospel preaching and in the worship of His great and glorious Name! We are glad for all visitors that join with us in Christian worship here this day! 

Quotes to ponder:

“No one experienced deeper darkness than Christ, and no one has entered into richer joy. The Lord Jesus is able to shepherd His people through their times of sorrow. The key for believers is keeping their focus upon God and giving glory to Him.” From RHSB note on Psalm 43.

“The worst disasters of history cannot compare to the firestorm of judgment that will come upon the wicked [in the final day]. How can you be prepared to escape that wrath?” From the RHSB note 1 on Revelation 16.

“If the gospel is old news to you, it will be dull news to everyone else.”Kevin DeYoung

“Real spiritual growth is always growth downward, so to speak, into profounder humility, which in healthy souls will become more and more apparent as they age.” J.I. Packer

“There is nothing that moves a loving father’s soul quite like his child’s cry.” Joni E. Tada

“Keep us, Lord, O keep us cleaving—To Thyself, and still believing,

Till the hour of our receiving–Promised joy with Thee.  Then we shall be where we would be, Then we shall be what we should be; Things that are not now, nor could be, Soon shall be our own.”  Thomas Kelly

Prayer from Gerhard Tersteegen (1697-1769)

     “Let Your love so warm our souls, O Lord, 

     that we may gladly surrender ourselves with all that 

     we are and have to You.

     Let Your love fall as fire from heaven

     upon the altar of our hearts;

     teach us to guard it carefully

     by continual devotion and quietness of mind,

     and to cherish with anxious care

     every spark of its holy flame,

     with which Your good Spirit would quicken us,

     so that neither height nor depth,

     things present nor things to come,

     may ever separate us therefrom.

     Strengthen our souls, animate our cold hearts

     with Your warmth and tenderness,

     that we may no more live as in a dream,

     but walk before You as pilgrims

     in earnest to reach their home.

     And grant us all at last to meet with Your holy saints

     before your throne,

     and there rejoice in Your love.”

Welcome & Pre-Service Singing:  Psalter 304:7

* Silent Prayer

AM Service – Rev. Eric Moerdyk

* 1. Votum and Salutation

* 2. Singing:  Psalter 403

3. Reading of the Law

4. Singing:  Psalter 109

5. Scripture Reading:Philippians 2

   Text: Philippians 2:5-12

6. Prayer

7. Offering

8.  Prayer

* 9. Singing:  Psalter 304:1,2,3,4,6


      Theme:Having the mind of Christ

       I.      The glory which was His right

       II.     The lowliness which was his choice

       III.    The name which is His reward

11. Singing: Psalter 399

12. Thanksgiving Prayer 

13. Singing: Psalter 49

* 14. Benediction

* 15. Doxology:  Psalter 196

* Indicates Standing 

Welcome and Pre-Service Singing: Psalter 400:7

* Silent Prayer

PM Service – Rev. Eric Moerdyk

* 1. Votum and Salutation

* 2. Singing: Psalter 204

3. Scripture Reading: Exodus 15:22-27, Ruth 1:6-22

    Sermon Text: Ruth 1:18-22

4. Confession of Faith (Front Inside Cover of Psalter)

5. Singing: Psalter 120

6. Prayer 

7. Offering

8. Prayer

*9. Singing: Psalter 240:1,2,4,5


      Theme:The Lord brings Naomi home to Bethlehem in 

      order to fill her

      I.     Even though she is filled with bitter despair

      II.    By carrying her with wonderful providential provision

11.Singing: Psalter 210:1,2,4,5 + 211:3 [to tune of 210]

12. Prayer

13. Singing: Psalter 312

* 14. Benediction

* 15. Doxology: Psalter 183:2,4

* Indicates Standing