Sunday, April 1, 2018

On this Sunday, we remember in an extra special way the glorious gospel fact of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. He arose, as He said!  Jesus’ triumphant resurrection verifies and guarantees all the gospel promises of God in and through Christ Jesus.  No wonder Paul writes thus to Timothy in II Timothy 2:8, “Remember that … [Read more…]

Sunday, March 30, 2018

We come together in this Christian worship service on Good Friday to consider the gospel message with Jesus’ death on the cross as Saviour of sinners.  As C.H. Spurgeon once said, “When we preach Christ crucified, we have no reason to stammer, or stutter, or hesitate, or apologize; there is nothing in the gospel of … [Read more…]

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead  –  He was victorious over SIN, DEATH and HELL. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead proves He is the God-approved and God-almighty Saviour of sinners. Jesus arose from the grave as He told His disciples He would do as God-sent Messiah Saviour of sinners. So the … [Read more…]

The GPS of Life

The Word of God that is contained in the Scriptures of the Old & New Testament  – is the Only rule to direct us how we glorify and enjoy him.  Westminster Shorter Catechism – Q2. Consider these Scriptures teaching us this truth so clearly. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light … [Read more…]

Good Friday – Why the name?

Good Friday is a very special day because on this day each year the Christian church remembers in a special way, Jesus and Him crucified. Jesus willingly suffered and died by crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.  “If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is … [Read more…]

Time Flying

It won’t be a waste of time! God’s Word advises us to use our time wisely because He knows that there are many things in life that can distract us from what truly matters. Do not waste your time so that you look back with regret – you do not know what tomorrow holds.  Whereas … [Read more…]

Death and Taxes

It is jokingly said that the only 2 certainties in life are death and taxes.  Most of us, especially if we live in the Western world, smile and agree with the statement. We know we will die one day, sooner or later, and we know there is little escape from paying the taxman. In Hebrews … [Read more…]

Snow and Ice

God has promised that although the winter seems long and full of Snow and Ice, that Springtime and Harvest will come. Great is His faithfulness also in giving the seasons year after year since world history began. Spiritually speaking too, the Bible says, God promises eternal Spring in our lives when we trust Christ Jesus … [Read more…]

The Painted Stick of Life

Is your life like a painted stick, full of lots of colors and seeming to go along nice and smoothly?  That is, until you get to the end of the stick. Then like the caterpillar you reach the end of your life, or the end of a job and you try this way and that, … [Read more…]

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The church doors are open and the church has good news to proclaim. Indeed, the best news ever, the only gospel tidings for a sinful, perishing people, hopeless, Jesus be our Saviour and Lord. That Saviour calls to all people to come unto Him and be saved.  May we as congregation glory in the gospel … [Read more…]