Banner of Truth Radio Ministry

The Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast is a ministry of the Free Reformed Churches of North America Since 1969, we have been faithfully proclaiming the Word of God over the airwaves. This half hour program is aired each Sunday on various radio stations in Canada and the USA.   Rev. Cornelis (Neil) Pronk was the radio pastor for 31 years and Rev. Hans Overduin for 15 years with broadcasts being aired in Canada, USA, the Philippines, and Africa.  Rev. Jack Schoeman is the present radio pastor and the focus has now changed to 10 provinces in Canada and 1 station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

ALBERTA Banner of Truth radio broadcasts are on Sundays

Calgary > CHRB – 1140 AM @ 9:00 a.m.
 > CJCA The Light 9:30 AM @ 11:00 a.m.

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Consider the following...

We believe in the five great points commonly known as Calvinistic; but we do not regard those five points as being barbed shafts which we are to thrust between the ribs of our fellow-Christians. We look upon them as being five great lamps which help to irradiate the cross.

— Charles Spurgeon