Come Over and Help


Come Over and Help or COAH is a non-profit organization that started The Netherlands in 1974 after four men, who were vacationing in Hungary, witnessed firsthand the deplorable effects of communism back in 1970. Ministers were imprisoned, Bibles were confiscated, men and women who confessed to be Christians were denied employment, and church buildings were neglected. Burdened with the circumstances of their persecuted brethren, these men began to raise money. By 1973, they were able to raise $50,000 with which they purchased Bibles and a little book translated into the Hungarian language. These made their way behind the Iron Curtain. The support for this cause grew rapidly and soon Bible smuggling into the Eastern Bloc and the USSR began in earnest.


Come Over and Help Mission is to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ across the vast population of people in Eastern Europe who have been deprived of this Good News for generations.


COAH extends aid to Churches and Christians who have suffered or still suffer under hardship or oppression. Our vision is:

  • To help alleviate the poverty and deprivation that is still widespread in Eastern Europe by funding projects that foster self-reliance.
  • To raise awareness of the difficulties Eastern European people face, through presentations and various publications.
  • To provide information to our donors and supporters, on the work that God is doing in the hearts and lives of the poor and needy in Eastern Europe.
  • To work with pastors by providing them Reformed and Puritan literature to assist them in their studies and sermon preparation.
  • To provide pastors with theological instruction and training through conferences held throughout Eastern Europe.

To learn more please visit the COAH website