Confession of Faith

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This class is for those who are thinking to become confessing members of the congregation. The class is primarily for covenant youth raised in the church who come to the point they personally and publically desire to confess the Christian faith they have been raised with, or who at least are seriously thinking about this matter. The class is also for those who would like a refresher course on some of the basic truths and convictions of the Christian faith as also taught in our churches on the basis of God’s Word and the Reformed Confessions. In addition all those visiting our church who may be interested to learn more about the Christian doctrines and practices of the Free Reformed Churches in anticipation of possibly joining or having joined the church as confessing member, are also most welcome to attend these classes. Usually the class involves about 20 sessions with the following being the main topics in our study, plus any questions that may come from those in the group meeting. Contact Pastor Hans Overduin if you are interested to join a class at 403-259-6591 or at

Lesson 1 Public Confession of Faith

Lesson 2 The Book of the Church

Lesson 3 The Church: Pillar and Foundation

Lesson 4 The Misery and Comfort of the Church

Lesson 5 The Gospel of the Church

Lesson 6 Covenant and Church

Lesson 7 The Way of Salvation

Lesson 8 Assurance of Faith

Lesson 9 The Sacraments

Lesson 10 The Christian Life

Lesson 11 The Christian and Prayer

Lesson 12 Church Membership: Duties and Privileges

Lesson 13 History of Reformed Churches

Lesson 14 The Church and Churches

Lesson 15 The Church and the Future