The Calgary Free Reformed Church

was instituted in 2007 after five years as a church plant of the Free Reformed denomination (frcna.org). We are a family-oriented group of people of diverse origins, occupations and background, from the very young to the not-so-young.  We seek to worship God by praising Him, praying to Him, listening to Him, and serving Him.

We desire to be a faithful church subscribing to the historic creeds of the church. We do not seek to emphasize any distinctive, but try to be balanced, Biblical and true to our confessions. Our worship services follow a traditional Reformed liturgy.

Our preaching seeks to address both the objective truths of God’s word and the subjective (or experiential) life of faith, paying attention to the joys and struggles of the life of faith. We recognize that the church is a covenant community, but that community consists of both strong and weak believers, unbelievers and hypocrites who must be addressed with the promises and demands of the Scriptures.

We have two distinctive Sunday Worship services. The morning service is at 9:30 am and is followed by fellowship in the foyer. September to May we offer Sunday School and Catechism classes while the adults may participate in an adult Bible study. The afternoon service is at 4:00 pm.

For Bible translation preference, we use New King James Bible in our worship services and education classes.


It is to be understood that any member of the congregation who has a cold, or flu type symptoms, travelled internationally within the last 14 days, or had contact with anyone with COVID-19, are prohibited by law to gather in worship. During this time we will continue to broadcast our live online worship services to all who are not able or comfortable to gather yet.

Consider the following...

Believing right doctrine will no more save you than doing good works will save you.

— Charles Spurgeon