Why Church?


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This brief document was prepared by Rev. Eric Moerdyk. It has been well appreciated in the east and west and we sincerely thank him for allowing us to distribute the following pages for use in our church and for people interested in joining our congregation.

We believe that membership in a local church is a necessary and significant responsibility and that joining yourself to a congregation involves an entire commitment on the part of all. To that end it is wise for you to know as much as you can about our church. This document does not tell you everything about us as an individual congregation within the FRCNA. It is understandable that every one of our congregations is unique – and that due to a host of influences including geography, history, cultural context, membership, the uniqueness of each pastor and consistory, and the light, blessing and leading of the Lord. At the same time, we hold to what the following pages set forth, believing this to be our history and a faithful summary of what the Scriptures and our confessions emphasize.

Occasionally throughout, Rev. Moerdyk attempts to highlight where our churches fit in terms of the broader Reformed world. This entails distinguishing ourselves from other churches and federations. We believe this is objectively presented in these pages, while at the same time we realize that broad strokes and general trends will apply differently to local congregations. Our pointing out differences is not because we want to judge others but because we aim to be clear as to what is truth. We recognize too that we have weaknesses and shortcomings as a church. At the same time, we want always be faithful to the Word of the Lord and the one only gospel of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. We pray the Lord always to teach and keep us.

Consider the following...

God does not bestow his Spirit on his people in order to set aside the use of his Word, but rather to render it fruitful.

— John Calvin