Outreach-Home Missions

For years we supported a Punjabi ministry especially through the work of Rev. Kuldip Gangar. After his sudden death in 2015 this work was given over to existing Punjabi ministries from other churches.

As of 2019 we have begun sponsoring a new work of outreach among Asians, especially in New Jersey and New York area. This work is led by Rev. Young Jae Lee who was called by Grand Rapids FRC for this special ministry. Visit the FRC US Urban Missions here for more information.

The Outreach committee works with churches engaged in church planting giving guidance and support as requested from the churches and as approved at our FRCNA Synod meetings. The latest church plant ministry that developed into a church in our federation of churches is the FRC church in Powassan, Ontario where Pastor Rob Vandoodewaard is serving as minister of the gospel. Visit their website here for more information.

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The grace of God does not find men fit for salvation, but makes them so.

— Augustine