Ecuador Mission

Fred and Arlene Jonkman serve in Quito, Ecuador in a mission overseen by the Brantford Free Reformed Church.  Their primary focus is educational and family ministry, developing Reformed educational materials, teaching at conferences, and directing a Reformed Study Center. The Jonkmans have also been active in the local Grace Reformed Church in Quito. Both Fred and Arlene grew up in the Free Reformed Churches and this mission, coordinated with various Word and Deed programs, has been blessed to the deepening of the Reformed faith and network in Ecuador and other Spanish speaking South American communities. As the Jonkmans are planning soon to retire from this work, a new couple, Josh & Michelle Vogel, will be taking their place, though working in a different area in close connection with a local Christian doctor there.  

Visit their website here under “Projects, Ecuador” to learn more.

Consider the following...

By one man’s disobedience all were condemned by God. By another Man’s obedience, all in Him are justified by God. God appointed only two heads for humanity — Adam and Christ. Thus, there are ultimately only two races – the cursed and the blessed, the guilty and the forgiven, the natural and the spiritual, the sinful and the holy, the God-haters and the God-lovers, the cowards and the believers, the stubborn and the penitent. Are you still in Adam or are you now in Christ? (Romans 5:12ff).

— Bob Jennings